Specializing in andrology, urology, and sexology. I possess extensive experience in the treatment and counseling of patients with various andrological and urological diseases.

My research and clinical practice focus on the diagnosis and treatment of male genitourinary system diseases, as well as issues related to sexual health. I am actively involved in educational programs, conducting lectures and seminars aimed at increasing public awareness of andrology and sexology.

My mission is to assist patients in restoring and maintaining their health, providing quality and effective treatment. In my work, I combine the latest scientific advancements with an individualized approach to each patient, aiming to deliver optimal results and improve their quality of life.

2017-2024: Continued active participation in international conferences, publishing scientific articles, and contributing to educational programs for specialists in andrology and sexology.

2011-2016: Led the department of andrology and urology at a regional medical center, where innovative diagnostic and therapeutic methods were developed and implemented.

2005-2010: Obtained a Doctor of Medical Sciences degree, basing the dissertation on large-scale clinical studies in the fields of andrology and urology.

1998-2004: Undertook internships and advanced training courses in leading clinics in Europe and the United States, focusing on innovative methods for treating urological and sexological issues.

1993-1997: Continued education in a doctoral program, successfully defending a dissertation and earning a Candidate of Medical Sciences degree. Research focused on new methods of diagnosis and treatment of andrological diseases.

1987-1992: Completed a clinical residency in urology and andrology, gaining practical experience and in-depth knowledge in the field of men’s health.

1980-1986: Graduated with honors from the medical faculty of a leading medical university, obtaining a Bachelor of Medicine degree.